Comments from the audience


“Existential like H.
It's cool with all the different points of view. The world consists of Discourses, and the discourses are created by people. The world becomes a better place by listening to others!
Real art!
Søren, 26 years”

“Judgement = to be honest with yourself, = to take your own feelings and experiences as a starting point, thereafter add mildness, humility and lots of love.
The goddess of Justice is blind!.....for no one knows justice.
Leif. Vestbyen. ALB”


“It is beautiful: a piece of art that begins in the heart.”

“…A House for Judgement – that's where I want to be and where I need to be. It is difficult to use judgement in private and in public spaces. But we have to, says Arendt. That's why this house gives time for reflection and time for courage.
Good to be here, where seriousness and humanity come together and promote courage. Perhaps.
Kindly, Susanne Toft.”

“Good idea to bring Hannah Arendt out in public space in the shape of a piece of art. Thank you for good talks about judgement, doubts etc.
Ulrik Kruhöffer (studying to be a social worker)"