October 6th 2006 was the centenary of Hannah Arendt, and as a tribute to her, this installation was made and opened in Aarhus, Denmark. Opening speech.

In the light of Arendt´s thoughts about judgement we carried out an investigation of how judgement works in society of today.

We built an odd house with doors and windows in all corners of the world.
With the words of the philosopher outside and listening posts inside, where you could hear people talk about a specific situation, right there where nobody else but you can act. Where you can't look up the answer anywhere and you must make a decision: what is the right thing to do now? Read transcript. 

The house was set up in a number of public places during 2006 and 2007.

Read comments from the audience.

The interviews, editing and all text work was by Tove Nyholm, house-construction by Birgitte Kristensen, and the outside painting by Simon Toudahl.

The project was supported by the Municipality of Aarhus, Pappagallo, the Mediahouse and the photographer Jan Rüsz.