is about the individual and the community in which we live.

To reveal one self for others in action, to appear as a person who wishes to deal with others. To seek public happiness.

These statements are from the writings of philosopher Hannah Arendt, and with this project I wish to draw attention to Hannah Arendt as an example and to try out her philosophy in a practical field, because her thoughts inspire trust in action.

Using language can also be an action. Therefore this installation project builds upon conversations with individuals recounting incidents from their own lives.

I work on the following concepts:

Natality, Action, Plurality, Forgiveness, Promise.

Natality, to be born - is common for all but it is also natality which happens to us throughout life when we reveal ourselves to one another in action.

Arendt applies the word Action, not in the sense of action by will, but action where you appear as a person who wants to deal with others.

Plurality, dissimilarity, is for Arendt the community of unique individuals, who are the basis of action, i.e. for speech. And action is dependent on a community.

Forgiveness is action in its most intensified form; it is the possibility of a new beginning. As humans we need forgiveness in order for something new to happen, to let go of things from the past.

With the Promise we establish in community, in plurality something which ties us together in the future. This creates relations to others founded in reciprocity and respect.

In the present, the conversation, i.e. action, it all comes together: the individual with community, the past with future.

To Arendt, these concepts together formed a fundamental moral base for human beings to interact in a decent society.

A comprehensive sound-maze installation: Voices From Within has been constructed.