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Voices From Within


“Only through this constant mutual release
from what they do can men remain free agents,
only by constant willingness to change their minds
and start again can they be trusted with
so great a power as that to begin something
Hannah Arendt 


I contact people and ask them to tell me about a situation where they have given or received forgiveness – or where forgiveness was not possible.

I edit these talks down to the essence of the matter, to a 3-4 minutes account from each person.

These edited accounts are installed in a maze; so that they can be heard in each their recess or blind alley, where you walk into a shower of focused sound.

Seen from the outside the maze is one large sculptural presence.

You are informed that this has something to do with forgiveness, and you can consider the topic from a certain distance. To go inside, however, is to experience the matter from within.

The maze requires a certain attentive way of moving, and its darkness intensifies your hearing. The walls have voices and they speak their different accounts of forgiveness.

The maze is built in a light, fragile material. The dimmed lighting will be placed on the outside, and via constructed cracks and holes the light fall into the maze, which gives the interior an impression as if you are under water or in a free floating room.
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The installation will be set up in different countries, and new accounts of forgiveness will be recorded in the language and the neighborhood of the exhibition.


Finished setup without ceiling
Finished setup without ceiling
Trial setup
Finished setup